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This is an entry for the promotional release of “Get Out of Your Own Way” to radio. The song released for radio is an edited version of the album track, at 03:20 in length, which removes the spoken word piece from Kendrick Lamar that can be heard on the album version of the song. To date, the song has only been digitally released to radio stations.

Initially the song was delivered to a handful of stations in Poland on November 2, 2017 for trials at radio. The song was also used on the BBC during the week that U2 appeared on the EMAs and recorded a BBC Special for release later in the year. Starting on November 22, 2017, the song was also delivered to radio stations in the USA, and started appearing on an Interscope promotional site used for promotion at radio. The official add date for AAA radio is set to be December 4, 2017, but it does note that some stations will be playing the track early as well. The edit of the song can be heard on the Interscope site.

Copies of the song distributed digitally include artwork featuring all four members of U2 on a beach as the sun is low in the sky. At this point only digital copies of the song have been distributed, and we are told most CDR pressings claiming to be promotional releases are likely fake at this point. Buyer beware.

To date, we know that two promotional videos have been filmed for the song. One filmed in October as the band toured Mexico, features U2 on a rooftop in Mexico City performing the song and celebrating the culture of Mexico. The other, filmed more recently when U2 performed in Trafalgar Square features a live performance of the song, while fans in the audience held up a variety of protest signs (Provided by the band). At this point neither video has been released.

It is not known if there will be a commercial release of this song at this point.

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Photograph by Anton Corbijn.

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