"Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way" - U2

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The third song from the album Songs of Experience delivered to radio in North America was “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way”. The song follows “You’re The Best Thing About Me“ and “Get Out of Your Own Way“ as promotional songs for the album in that market. The version of the song that was delivered to radio was the album version of the song. The version embedded on the Interscope site even contains the track number 12 in the file name. All copies of the song have been delivered digitally to our knowledge. These are sent via digital delivery services direct to radio stations, and usually involve transmission at high quality. The example we use below, is a lower quality file, delivered through Interscope’s own internal promotional website. The song is being delivered with the same artwork that was used for the “Get Out of Your Own Way“ single when sent to radio in this region.

The first stations receiving the album versions of the song in North America are AAA stations (Adult Album Alternative) with an impact date of April 23, 2018. Delivery of the song to radio started April 11, 2018. The song will be pushed at Hot AC radio stations in North America starting on May 21, 2018 using the same album mix.

On May 4, 2018, a three track commercial release was offered for sale in digital store fronts and at streaming services. The EP contained remixes by Will Clarke, Daybreakers, and The Funk Hunters. At the same time this was put on sale, promotional versions of the tracks were sent to DJs in a digital format.

On May 9, 2018, two additional remixes were made available to DJs, the remixes by David Alvarado and DrewG. These were not made commercially available at that time. On May 15, 2018, three additional remixes were made available for DJs, including the Moody Boy Remix, the VibePosse Dub, and the Robbie Rivera Remix again these have not yet appeared for commercial release. And on May 21, 2018, two additional remixes were made available for DJs including the remix by Twisted Dee and the remix by Jesus Montanez. At this time these have not yet been made available commercially.

In all cases the remixes were sent digitally and at this time there has not been any promotional discs issued for this song. It is expected that these seven new remixes will also be made available in a commercial form, at a later date, possibly as early as May 25, 2018. (We will update if we have a firm release date but for now these are only being released for promotion.)

We know that other remixes are planned. Offer Nissim has worked on a remix of this track for U2 and it is part of the official campaign, and we are told that this remix will appear soon. Like Twisted Dee, Nissim released a clip of his remix before it was officially released for promo. Daybreakers have worked on a second remix of the song, called the “Vox Mix” and they do expect it will be released. DrewG has confirmed that he has completed another version of his remix at the request of Bono, and he has also confirmed he has done a remix under the Dirty Pop group with his partner Brian Cua. Cua is also doing a standalone remix of the song. There is also expected to be a remix by Dirty Disco. The release plans for all of these additional remixes are unknown at this time.

Additionally a remix of the song, titled the “Junior Sanchez Acid Weekend Remix“ by Junior Sanchez, has been airing on “Twilight on Pulse”, an RTE Radio network show on the Pulse channel. It is not known at this time if this is an officially sanctioned remix, or something the DJ has done on his own.

We will update these entries as more information becomes available. Interviews with several of the producers remixing the track can be found below under ‘Related News’.

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