"The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Official Invite: Dublin Croke Park, Saturday 22nd July" - U2

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Background Information

This special cassette was pressed in very limited quantities and delivered to media persons such as music reporters to invite them to attend a concert at Croke Park in the summer of 2017. The cassette was released prior to the start of U2’s tour, “The Joshua Tree 2017” tour. The tour was being supported with a new release of The Joshua Tree for the album’s 30th anniversary.

The front cover of this cassette lists “The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Official Invite” and uses the image used on the front of the new 30th anniversary box with the golden tree and the sunburst behind the tree. Below the tree is listed “Dublin Croke Park, Saturday 22nd July” which is the date of the concert in Dublin.

There is an inner flap featuring a photo of U2 from 1987. The interior of the insert features one of the images used on the album the first time it was released.

The cassette itself is gold plastic. The tracks for both sides are listed on the cassette, but some copies came with the listing only on one side of the cassette (See images below)

Perhaps interesting is that “Red Hill Mining Town” does indeed now feature on Side A of the cassette version here. We have listened to the cassette to confirm that this is the case.

A cassette that matches this one also exists for the Rose Bowl shows in California in 2017. There may be others as well. Like the Croke Park one the cassette is gold in colour, and shipped with a custom sleeve using the Joshua Tree logo in front of the sunburst.

Liner Notes

Photos by Anton Corbijn.
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