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2017-02-18: Songs of Experience Update

As part of the new Mojo Magazine article, U2 speak about the progress of Songs of Experience.

Five song titles are revealed in the article, including “The Showman,” “The Best Thing About You Is Me,” “The Little Things That Give You Away,” “Red Flag Day,” and “Summer of Love”. They also reveal they are planning on going back into studio in March in New York City at Electric Lady Studios with...

2017-02-18: The History Mix: Cover Mounts

The upcoming issue of Mojo Magazine in the UK features a cover mounted CD of “Desert Songs,” the CD has artwork that brings to mind The Joshua Tree and ties into the cover story about the new tour. There is however no music featuring U2 on the CD. This time around we are going to look back into history a few other items featuring or tied to U2 over the years. And we’ll return for a closer...

2017-02-18: U2 to release “Red Hill Mining Town” as a single

Back on January 4 we kicked off our “Joshua Tree 2017” coverage with the news that U2 had remixed a single from the original album. At the time we were unable to confirm what song might have been worked on.

In the new issue of Mojo, hitting newsstands now in the UK, more is revealed about this single. The song will be a brand new mix of “Red Hill Mining Town”, and will be mixed by Steve...

2017-02-16: Catching Up with the Kiosk Collection (Portugal Edition)

In the last two years Universal has been re-releasing U2’s catalog throughout Europe. They partner up with a news organization in a country, and then each week release one release from the bands discography. The first week includes a box set large enough to hold all releases, and in each case the set has included 14 albums on CD and 4 concerts on DVD. Each release is packaged in a gate fold...

2017-02-16: U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Questions and Answers: Post Sale

General Questions

Last Updated: February 17, 2017

Where do I find out more info about the tour?

  • U2.Com should be your first source for information ( help page). The team there will update tour FAQS and dates will be listed there.
  • U2.Com has a list of dates / cities / opening acts at:
  • U2.Com has a longer article discussing the tour at:...

2017-02-15: 5 Albums: Brian Eno

To celebrate #U2JT30 and the launch of the tour, U2Songs is exploring the work of the talented studio team behind U2’s iconic fifth album. We’ll begin with a man who hardly needs an introduction: Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, RD.

There have been volumes written about Brian Eno already—as a member of Roxy Music, as a producer, as a collaborator with David Bowie,...

2017-02-14: #U2DiscographyContest Answers

Over the weekend we had a little trivia contest, held on Facebook and Twitter. Starting at 8am GMT and continuing until 8pm PST, we had one question at every hour, along with a hint on how to answer. Participants could answer just one answer or choose to answer all of them to get more entries into the contest.

We heard from a lot of you. Thousands of entries and lots of comments on...

2017-02-11: Win the U2 Discography

Tomorrow we are launching a contest to win “The Kiosk Collection”, the Spanish box set which contains 14 CDs and 4 DVDs from U2’s career. You can find out more information about this release in this discography entry.

The set will contained sealed copies of most of the releases, however “The Joshua Tree,” “Achtung Baby,” and “Songs of Innocence” have been removed from the original...

2017-01-29: Mother Records, Son Records and Kitchen Recordings: U2’s Labels

Back when U2 was recording and working on The Joshua Tree they were also working on another project, Mother Records. Mother Records was a record label founded by U2 in the early 1980s. A side label was also started during this time, Son Records. And a third label, called Kitchen Recordings, was started by U2 in 1998 to highlight dance music.

Mother Records ceased operations in 2000....

2017-01-27: Bono Appears in Arcade Fire Video (Released today)

Today marks the release of Arcade Fire’s The Reflektor Tapes / Live At Earls Court on DVD and BluRay. The package includes their documentary film The Reflektor Tapes, as well as a live concert from The Reflektor Tour recorded at Earls Court in London. The set also includes a short, silent cameo appearance by U2 lead singer Bono.

The film “The Reflektor Tapes” was a 2015 documentary...

2017-01-26: Is there going to be a Second Dublin Show?

One of the questions we’ve been getting through social media and emails is “Why is there no second Dublin date?” We can’t answer for sure. But we did want to look through the rumours and suggestions and perhaps answer a few questions that we can tackle.

Why can’t U2 play unlimited shows at Croke Park?

Croke Park is in a residential area of the city and has strict planning permissions in...

2017-01-20: The History Mix: Hidden Messages

IMAGE: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Trailer

Blink and you miss it.

At the start of U2’s recent video to announce The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, a number flashes up across the screen as the video starts. ‘5589’ – it looks hand drawn. And then the tour video starts. But as we all know, things rarely happen by chance in U2’s media. And the strange 5589 is probably no exception.

What does it...