Accomplishments and Mentions

Updated 2017-03-27

Books Mentioning U2Songs.Com (or U2Wanderer.Org):

2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll to Change the World - Timothy D. Neufeld (Rowman & Littlefield)
U2Songs.Com mentioned as an Internet resource for exploring the bands catalog in this book.

2014 U2 Revolution - Mat Snow (Race Point Publishing)
U2Wanderer.Org contributed images for this book released in October 2014.

2012 U2: The Illustrated Biography - Martin Andersen (TransAtlantic Press)
U2Wanderer.Org is one of six sites thanked in the book.

2012: Exploring U2: Is This Rock ‘n’ Roll? - Scott Calhouns, Ed. (The Scarecrow Press)
U2Wanderer.Org is mentioned as a reference for lyrics in the book.

2012 Bono: A Biography - David Kootnikoff (Greenwood Biographiers)
U2Wanderer.Org is listed as a Further Reading resource, one of nine sites.

2010 U2 FAQ - John D. Luessen (BackBeat Books)
U2Wanderer.Org used as a reference for discography information in the book, and cited as the source for a large number of images.

2008 U2: A Diary - Matt McGee (Omnibus Press)
The site is listed among sources of information for the book.

2008 Bono: Rock Star Activist - Martha P. Trachtenberg (Lake Book / Enslow Publishers)
Used as a reference in the book.

2004 U2: The Complete Guide - Bill Graham and Caroline van Oosten de Boer (2004 Ed.)
Assisted with the discography at the back of the book (Not credited)

2002 U2 Live: A Concert Documentary - Pimm Jal de la Perra (3rd Ed.)
Contributed information to the book U2 Live: A Concert Documentary.

2001 U2: The Complete Encyclopedia - Mark Chatterton (Firefly Publishing)
Site is listed in the book as a reference.


Other Media Appearances / Mentions:

2017-01-09 Rolling Stone (German) used as a reference for an article regarding the layout of the stage for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

2016-04-07, Ciaopeople Media Group used as a reference and quoted in article “Zucchero: in rete un estratto della canzone con Bono Vox e Mark Knopfler”

2016-04-07 Radio Gamma, Barletta Italy used as a reference and quoted in article “BONO duetta con ZUCCHERO in “Streets Of Surrender (S.O.S.)” as well as on-air.

2016-04-07 Libero, newspaper in Milan, Italy used as a reference and discussed as a site “dedicated to Bono” in an article about Bono / Zucchero duet.

2015-04 U2.Com (Zootopia Page) / listed as “Fan Site of the Week”

2015-09-15 The Irish Independent
Harry Kantas was profiled as part of a contest to find U2’s Biggest Fan.

2015-05-20 A Journal of Musical Things used as a reference for a story on Alan Cross’s “A Journal of Musical Things” blog dealing with the pre-show music at concerts.

2015-05-20 A Journal of Musical Things used as a reference for a story on Alan Cross’s “A Journal of Musical Things” blog dealing with the rumored U2 stage.

2015-04-22 Q104 FM Radio
Site mentioned in coverage of Record Store Day U2 misprint.

2015-04 U2.Com (Zootopia Page)
Aaron J. Sams wrote an article titled “Five things I’ve learned running a U2 site for 20 years” by It featured a look back at 20 years of working on U2Wanderer.Org.

2014-10 Interview on St. Patrick’s UpBeat Radio Station
Harry Kantas interviewed on UpBeat Radio about collecting, and his U2 collection.

2014-01-30 Harry Kantas Interviewed on RTE Morning Edition
Harry is interviewed by RTÉ‘s Morning Edition reporter Aisling Riordan about his contributions to the Little Museum of Dublin

2013-02 Little Museum of Dublin
Harry Kantas lends a number of items to the Little Museum of Dublin for display in their new U2 exhibit.

2013-02 Newstalk, Tom Donne
Harry Kantas is interviewed about collecting, his own collecting, and his contributions to the Little Museum of Dublin.

2011 – 2014 eBay.Com
U2Wanderer.Org used on three occasions to provide expert testimony in a dispute at the online auction site

2011-07-24 CTV Atlantic TV, Gareth MacDonald Interview
Aaron J. Sams interviewed about being a U2 fan, collecting U2, and running U2Wanderer.Org.

2011-07 L’Etoile Newspaper, Moncton NB
Aaron J. Sams interviewed about being a fan, working on websites, and the upcoming concert in Moncton NB.

2011-07 News 95.7 Radio, Halifax NS
Aaron J. Sams interviewed about the upcoming concert in Moncton NB.

2011-02 CBC Radio, Canada
Aaron J. Sams interviewed after the announcement of a U2 concert in Moncton NB.

2011-02 News 95.7 Radio, Halifax NS
In February 2011 Aaron J. Sams was interviewed on News 95.7 Radio both before and after the announcement of a U2 concert in Moncton NB. The interviews covered the concert tour as well as this website.

2009-07-24 Irish Times, Ronan McGreevy Interview
Aaron Sams interviewed about the U2 concerts in Dublin, and attending the show from the other side of the ocean.

2009-07 Dave Fanning Show, RTÉ 2fm
Harry Kantas interviewed on two occasions, about being a U2 Fan in Dublin, and also interviewed after one of the U2360 Concerts in Dublin Ireland.

2006 Record Collector Magazine (UK)
The site was named one of the “Top Ten Sites for U2” by Record Collector Magazine (UK) and the pictures accompanying the article were of U2Wanderer.Org and U2.Com

2005 Universal Music Publishing International
Universal Music Publishing grants site provisional license allowing U2Wanderer.Org to print U2 lyrics on the site. One of two initial sites on the Internet granted this license.

2004 Next Byte, Sydney Australia
The U2Wanderer.Org website worked in conjunction with Next Byte in Australia to give away a U2 branded iPod.

2004-09 Apple iTunes “The Complete U2”
Worked with Four5One Creative on “The Complete U2” collection released through iTunes. If you buy tracks from this compilation on iTunes they come complete with cover scans from the items provided by U2Wanderer.Org.

2003–Onwards WBWC U2 Marathons
Discography used by WBWC radio programmers, Mary Cipriani and Todd Richards, as a guide to U2’s body of work for their U2 Marathons.

2003-06 WBWC Radio, Cleveland Ohio
Interviewed on WBWC radio on June 12, 2003 along side Jim Henke, curator of the Rock Hall and Matt McGee of as part of the U2 Fan Celebration Weekend in Cleveland OH, hosted by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2003-02 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Ohio
Invited by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland Ohio, to cover the opening of the U2 Exhibit as part of the media in February 2003.

2003-01 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Ohio
Provided resource material, and content explaining items on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio as part of the U2 Exhibit.

2002 Elevate Me Here (Kite Publishing)
Discography materials used, but not properly credited in the book Elevate Me Here. Mention in the book as a site used for reference.

2002 ZooEuropa.Com
Zoo Europa Gold Fansite Award (2002)

2002-09 BBC London 94.9FM
One Fan Site listed on the BBC 94.9 FM’s U2 Special Website in September of 2002 as host Gary Crowley spoke to Paul McGuinness, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Osborne and Flood about working with the band.

2001-2002 U2.Com
U2Wanderer.Org provided content to U2.Com in February 2001 and January 2002.

2001-09 Hot Press Magazine (Dublin)
Hot Press Magazine (September 2001 - Slane Special) - Site not mentioned by name but they ran a picture of one of our bootleg covers and mention the artwork is superb.

2001 Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash upon learning of the site, and where the site got it’s name, sent a personal greetings and a thank you for using “The Wanderer” for the title.

2001 U2: Elevation Tour
Members of staff invited to participate as members of the media to photograph concerts in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, San Jose, Montreal, Hamilton, London and Manchester.

2000 mp3 Magazine (Online Magazine)
mp3 Magazine said we look a bit strange but are a pretty decent fan site (review while we were still a sub-site of and was for the overall site, 2000)

2000 KROQ Radio Website (Pasadena, California)
KROQ Website (December 2000) - “Must See for all U2 Fans”

1998 Triple J Radio Program (Sydney, Australia)
Triple J Radio Program (Fall of 1998) - Mention of the discography and our Best of 1990 - 2000 cover during the introduction to playing “The Sweetest Thing”.

1997-06 Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta)
Mention of the “Popmart in Edmonton” information page as a great local spot to get U2 information.