U2 in Print

U2's Bibliography

This section includes books and other print formats, and will contain books about the band as well as books the band have been involved in writing. It is not an attempt to catalog every book ever written about the band.

Skim through information about U2's fan club magazines, World Service Magazine and two volumes of Propaganda. Take a look at the specially crafted tour books for various tours. And take a look at other in print offerings from U2, and about U2. 'Books about U2' includes books written about the band by close collaborators, or books U2 have written themselves about the band, while 'Non-U2 Books' are books that the band have been involved in writing, but they aren't about the band.

U2 Bibliography News

Not just news of the books listed above, but any of our news stories about upcoming books with a U2 tie...