U2 Propaganda Volume 02

In 2000, U2's fan magazine, Propaganda got a face lift, the first in 16 years. The dimensions of the magazine were changed to be smaller in size, and the look of the magazine changed as well. The first issue of volume 2 was launched with a free CD, Hasta La Vista Baby. The numbering was also changed with the relaunch, starting with a new issue 1.

However, in the internet age, even a relaunch couldn't save the magazine. By the time the magazine was printed and in hands of readers, much of the content had already appeared on websites. By the time the article on fan sites in the first issue had been printed several of the sites were no longer available.

The magazine folded after just three issues in the new format. A book collecting many articles from Propaganda was published in 2003 wrapping up the magazine.

Propaganda Magazine: 2000s