Stealing Hearts at a Traveling Show


Initially published: 2003-06-14
Author: Steve Averill and Shaughn McGrath


This book featuring a detailed look into the graphic design behind U2’s albums, T-shirts, and merchandise was released in June 2003. The book was put together by Shaughn McGrath and Steve Averill, the designers behind the bulk of U2’s releases. The text in the book was written by Lisa Godson.

Only 6000 copies of this book were printed, including 4000 copies in softcover, and 2000 copies in hardcover. At the time of release the hardcover was priced at $65, and the soft cover at $45, and the book was available directly from Four5One, as well as through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The book details Four5One’s work with U2 from the first single up to The Best of 1990 – 2000 releases.

A special event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland saw McGrath and Averill speaking about their design work, as well as signing copies of the book for those in attendance. Some copies of the book ordered direct from Four5One came with a limited hand drawn card included.


For the first time ever, a unique look at the qraphic identity behind one of the greatest rock bands the world has ever seen. Stealing Hearts At A Travelling Show is a lavishly illustrated, LIMITED-EDITION book about the band’s collaboration with their design team in the creation of some of the most loved and admired album covers in Rock History.