The Joshua Tree


Initially published: 2017-11-22
Author: The Edge


For the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree a deluxe box set was produced with a book of photography by The Edge taken during the photo shoots in Death Valley, California in 1986. The Edge also held a gallery viewing of the photography at Arcane Space in Venice, California, in aid of the GO campaign. The show ran from November 22 until December 17, 2017.

As part of that exhibit, a book of photos documenting the exhibit and featuring the photos on display was sold through Arcane Space. Two versions were available, a hardcover version and a softcover version. Although similar to the book found in the boxed collection, there were additional photographs included in the version sold through Arcane Space, including one of The Edge at the exhibition.

“I took these photographs without a clear sense of where they might end up. A re-issue of The Joshua Tree album thirty years hence was certainly not part of my thinking. I guess I took them because I felt that this experience and this landscape and this moment in time ought to be remembered, and possibly at some point shared. When I see the people we were back then, I see a bunch of pilgrims on a journey towards some kind of creative home. I think that really does capture the spirit of the band at that time. We had so many more questions than answers, but we had conviction and we had some crazy sense of mission that drove us on, into landscapes so inhospitable but clean and clear and free of cynicism and world-weariness – where the streets have no name.”