U2 Show: The Art of Touring


Initially published: 2004-11-11
Author: Diana Scrimgeour


The book, U2 Show features photography of U2 live in concert throughout the years. This book was authorized by U2, and they opened their archive for use in the book. It covers tours from the earliest of days in Ireland, through to the Elevation tour of 2001.

Text in the book is provided by Diana Scrimgeour who had photographed recent tours, as well as first hand accounts from close associates of the band such as Paul McGuinness, Joe O’Herlihy, Brian Eno, Chris Blackwell, as well as Peter Gabriel. The book features over 500 photographs.

The book was edited by Robert Violette and designed by Katy Hepburn, and published by Orion and Riverhead.


Everything about the band U2 is huge. From their music, to their tours, to their influence on global popular culture and politics. In the US they are cultural icons as well as multimillion album selling pop stars. Underpinning their popularity is their passion for touring. For the last 20 years they have hardly been off the road. It is the thing they love to do most. And it is touring which drives their creativity and reflects the direction of the band. From the modest Tick Tock Tour of 1980, through the Joshua Tree, and on to the videomedia extravaganza of ZooTV in the early 90s and Popmart in the late 90s then the more intimate Elevation tour of the last two years, it is the tours which have set their agenda. For the first time the band has agreed to allow a book on this vital part of their creative energy. The photographs are hand picked from their archive put together over 25 years. There will be a commentary by Diana Scrimgeour, who has been a photographer on recent tours, and first-person accounts from the close associates of the band. U2 Show will be the music publishing event of 2004.