U2 The Complete Lyrics Vol. 1 (1979 - 1988)


Initially published: 2023
Author: U2


Announced on April 13, 2023, the 2023 and 2024 subscribers gifts for subscribing to U2.Com will be books, containing U2’s complete lyrics from 1979 – 2023. The books will be split into two volumes. The first, published in 2023 will include the years 1979 – 1988. The second, which will follow if you subscribe again for 2024 will include the years 1991 – 2023. (When originally announced, the book was said to cover 1978 – 1997 and then 1997 – 2023, but this was revised on April 19 to change where the split would happen.)

The full announcement is as follows:


It’s going to have words.
Lyrics that is.
The ones we know and the ones we’re just getting used to… because they’ve been reimagined on Songs of Surrender.

It’s going to have pictures. And drawings.
That we haven’t seen before.

And stories.
That we haven’t read.

It’s going to be released in two volumes over the next two years.
It’s ‘U2: The Complete Lyrics’ and Volume 1 of this bespoke publication, spanning the years 1978 to 1995, is our 2023 gift for subscribers of U2.com.
Volume II, covering 1996-2023, will follow, published for those who subscribe for 2024.

The band and their creative team are already pulling this one-off title together.
It’s going to be the go-to lyrical source for any fan.

The full announcement can be seen on U2.com but only if you are logged in at this time.

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