Unforgettable Fire


Initially published: 1987-11-16
Author: Eamon Dunphy


This book was commissioned in 1985 by Paul McGuinness, wanting an autobiography of the band to be available. The book took several years to write and was finally released in 1988.

Eamon Dunphy the author of the book was an Irish media personality, working for RTE, and later TV3, Today FM, and Newstalk. His focus throughout most of his career was sports.

The final book has received unfavorable reviews, and criticism for many errors in the text. The agreement Dunphy had signed gave the band no approval over the final text, and the band distanced themselves from the book.


U2 has always been a band shrouded in mystery. Now, for the first time ever, comes a painstakingly detailed and honest account of the remarkable band from Ireland whose political, spiritual and personal music has touched the hearts and minds of its countless fans.