"All Because of You" (2002)

Demo Song

Background Information

In an October 2002 interview with Q Magazine, reporter Tom Doyle spoke with U2 in studio.

Then, when the guitarist cues up another new track called “All Because of You,” things get physical. It’s the rawest song U2 have ever recorded: the quartet recast as an abrasive garage band.

“It’s the Who!” Bono howls, windmilling Pete Townshend-like and landing light(ish) blows on Q’s arm to emphasise musical accents. It’s clear that, re-energised by the creative and commercial rebirth of 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind, progress on the band’s latest studio album (expected arrival: summer 2003) is cracking along apace.

In June 2003 Bono speaks to fans outside the studio and tells them that the song “All Because of You” is complete and will be on the album.

In 2006, when U2 published the book U2 by U2, the book provided a glimpse into some working titles and demo tracks. One of the images shown was from a piece of equipment with notes labeling different songs. We see notes about “Xanax” (listed twice as Xanax 1 and Xanax 2), “Spiderman Slide Solo,” “Treason,” “Original,” “Neanderthal,” “All Because” and “Shark Soup.” We know that many of these songs went on to become tracks on How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and this photo was taken during the development of that album.

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