"Chromium Chords" (2008)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Chromium Chords” was a working title for the song “Fez – Being Born” that was developed for No Line on the Horizon.

In February 2009, The Guardian would publish an article by Sean O’Hagan, who met with U2 a number of times in the previous year, and was privy to some of the recording sessions along the way. In a section of the article written about a visit to Hanover Quay Studios in June 2008 he speaks about some of the songs he has heard, “Later, Bono will play me three other almost finished songs: Unknown Caller, No Line on the Horizon and Chromium Chords, which will later be re-titled Fez – Being Born. The songs, on first hearing, sound dense and elusive. You can hear Lanois and Eno’s presence on all of them. I try to take them in as Bono talks – and sometimes sings – me though them.”

In the book accompanying the box set and the magazine versions of “No Line on the Horizon” a number of song titles are listed on a board above Edge’s head in one of the photos included. The song titles include songs we know about and a few other names that had not been seen. The full list included “I Was Lost,” “No Line on the Horizon,” “Moment of Surrender,” “Magnificent (French Disco),” “Chromium Chords,” “Tripoli,” “Cedars of Lebanon,” “For Your Love,” “Sexy Boots,” “Breathe,” “Hymn / White as Snow,” “Not as Yet,” “Diorama,” and “Kingdom of Your Love.” “I Was Lost” is likely an early version of “Unknown Caller.” “French Disco” was revealed to be “Magnificent.” “Chromium Chords” and “Tripoli” likely merged along the way becoming “Fez – Being Born.” “For Your Love” is an early title for “Stand Up Comedy,” “Sexy Boots” an early title for “Get on Your Boots” and “Diorma” an early title for “I’ll Go Crazy”.

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