"Home (This Bird Has Flown)" (2000)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Home (This Bird Has Flown)” was a song developed for 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

In August 2000, a Rolling Stone Magazine article by Chris Heath spoke about this song:

So the band has fallen back into its more usual rhythm of writing and recording and revising. I hear a few of the songs, as finished as they are: “Elevation,” a buzzing electro-rock song somewhere between T. Rex and hip-hop, over which Bono half-yelps, half-raps; “In a Little While,” a more traditional melodic rhythm & blues, which Bono describes as having “a Holiday Inn-lobby-band feel”; a song provisionally called “Home (This Bird Has Flown),” which right now sounds the closest they have come in years to their surging late-Eighties sound.

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