"I Don't Live in Irishtown" ()

Demo Song

Background Information

While touring a journalist from Rolling Stone around the Grand Canal Docks in late 1984, Bono shared he had written a song called “I Don’t Live in Irishtown”:

It was dusk, and the wind was blowing with such authority that it was hard to hear Bono talking after they climbed out of his car. As the occasional young boy or stray dog trotted past, Bono started pointing out some of the sights, silhouetted against the darkening November sky. Look, he said, there’s the bakery where the 1916 Easter Rebellion began; there’s factory that won an architectural prize in the 1940s but lies dormant today. He once joked to his wife, Ali, that they could move in there, and he still dreams of turning it into a museum.

He led the American across some of the tiny footbridges that cross the canal, then pointed out a row of three-story apartment buildings in the Irishtown district. He said he’d just finished writing a song called “I Don’t Live in Irishtown.” “It’s about a man who isn’t Protestant or Catholic, English or Irish….”

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