"If I Should Ever Lose Control" (1993)

Demo Song

Background Information

In issue #18 of U2’s Propaganda magazine, The Edge sat down for an interview about the album Zooropa in the winter of 1993.

The interviewer asks “Other songs didn’t quite make it,  like ‘Wake Up Dead Man’ which Bono was very excited about at one point.” and The Edge replies with “Yes, that was one of a number of songs that didn’t make it, but will, I think, see the light of day at some point. That one just never got finished. We took it to a mix, to its conclusion and only then did we realise that it had structural problems, that the song itself wasn’t there. It felt uncomfortable so we dropped it for the time being. Another one was ‘If God Should Send His Angels’ and ‘If I Should Ever Lose Control’.”

“Lose Control” was another title that came out of the Zooropa sessions. It is likely the two are the same song.

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