"The Light" (2014)

Demo Song

Background Information

“The Light” was a song that was originally being developed for the album Songs of Experience.

The song, “The Light” was first mentioned in February 2014. Irish musician Christy Dignam spoke with a U2 fan, Gpaul1972, and told him he had been visiting with Bono. During the visit Dignam told Bono about how he had flat lined during a medical issue, and that he had seen a light before coming back. Bono went out to the car and brought back his iPad. The iPad contained the lyrics for a new song Bono was writing, titled “The Light” for the new album.

The title “The Light” has not been mentioned again, but later a song titled “The Lights In Front of Me” was mentioned, which has now become the song “The Lights of Home”. Whether “The Light” developed into this song is unknown. “The Lights of Home” is expected to appear on Songs of Experience.

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