"Love Is...Perfecto" (2000)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Love Is” was a song developed for 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

In 2006, when U2 published the book U2 by U2, the book provided a glimpse into some working titles and demo tracks. One of the images shown was from a white board developed during the recording sessions for All That You Can’t Leave Behind. On that white board we see a number of tracks listed including, “Love Is…Perfecto,” “Jubilee” and directly below it “Stir My Soul,” “Good Morning,” “Levitate,” and “Sometimes.” A final song is wiped out from the board but it can be determined that it said “Love Will…”

During the All That You Can’t Leave Behind sessions, the band also worked on a song called “Love Is All Around” so it is possible this whiteboard is referencing a different mix of that song.

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