"Plot ISO" (1995)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Plot ISO” appears in some lists of U2 demo songs, but we believe it is error to consider this a title of a demo.

In issue 23 of U2’s magazine Propaganda, an article titled “All Passengers Present and Correct” is published. In that article a list of song titles is identified. The full list includes “Tokyo Drift,” “Ito Okashi,” “Davidoff,” “Antarctica,” “Fleet Click,” “Plot 180,” “Tokyo Glacier (Fast),” “Slow Sitar (Time),” and “Always Forever. However the list is presented in a font which makes it difficult to read. In particular the “8” in 180 is very light on one side, and could easily be mistaken for an “S”. This has lead to the title “Plot ISO” appearing in lists, however, if you refer to the original article it becomes clear that this is likely just a transcription error before the true title of the song was known.

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