"Seibu (Late Entry)" (1995)

Demo Song

Background Information

Brian Eno published his diary from 1995, called A Year with Swollen Appendices. It was published as a book in 1996 by Faber and Faber in the UK. That was the year that Eno worked with U2 on Original Soundtracks 1, and the book makes mention of a number of demos and working titles throughout. “Seibu” is one of the songs included in the book.

On June 6 Eno wrote a list of progress off songs, and in that list “Seibu” needs ‘tidying up’.

On July 3 he speaks again about “Seibu/Slug” saying “and then ‘Seibu/Slug’, which starts to sound better. Lovely song appearing inexorably. And on July 4, “Worked on ‘Seibu/Slug’, which got finished despite Bono’s complete deconstruction of the mix (which he was quite right about, though I was pissed off at first).

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