"She's Gonna Sleep Like A Baby" (1996)

Demo Song

Background Information

“She’s Gonna Sleep Like A Baby” was first developed as a demo for the Pop album. The song title was also used for a finished song on the Songs of Innocence album 14 years later.

In a 1997 issue of Propaganda, a photo appears of the band covered in tape, with a picture of the white board with working titles in the background, presumably from the “Pop” album. The titles are all unknown songs, including “Miracle Song,” “Jazzy Vibe,” “Harmonica Hero,” “White Room Green Room,” “?? Forward,” “Adam Phone Home,” “Everyday,” “Funky Darling,” “I Believe in ??,” “Dark Heart Groove,” “She’s Gonna Sleep Like a Baby,” “Lord of the Apple Mac,” “Song from the Silence,” “Unhinged Melody,” “Modern Lovers,” and “Alphaville”. We’ve included the photo below. If anyone can assist with the question marks, or the column on the right we’d love to hear from you.

The song “She’s Gonna Sleep Like a Baby” didn’t make it onto the Pop album. It is fascinating to us to think the song was a work in progress for 18 years if it is indeed the same song that appeared in 2014.

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