"The Control Room" (1993)

Demo Song

Background Information

In the 19th issue of U2’s Propaganda, a discussion between Wim Wenders and U2 was published in the magazine. In the interview they talk about a number of songs. One song we’ve seen in lists of demos from U2 is “The Control Room,” and this comes from that interview, but it is NOT a demo, but rather the name for a mix of the song “Faraway, So Close!” that U2 have sent to Wenders:

Wenders: When I heard Johnny Cash on the first bit I was flabbergasted. What is it?

Bono: It’s Brian Eno. I wasn’t sure if the Johnny Cash would fit. Production fought to send it to you. The song we’re most sure about is the one we’ve called “Faraway, So Close!”, like the film.

Wenders: I’ve listened to it once or twice. Wonderful. There are three versions on the tapes, one instrumental, a second called “Control Room,” much more tender and sweet, while the third is more rock with an omnipresent guitar.

Bono: That’s it. We’ve sent you the instrumental version because I thought that the words, even if they share some of the themes of the film, were too specific.

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