"Trevor" (1980)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Trevor” is sometimes said to have been around since 1979, but we believe it dates closer to 1980. As a song “Trevor” started to appear in concert in February 1980. It was performed as “Trevor” for a few months, until April 1980, where it started to become “Touch” and played as such. In a March 2, 1980 concert in Tullamore, Bono introduced “Trevor” as “This is a new one, this is called Trevor.”

We’ve tracked down information that makes it likely that the song was recorded in demo form as “Trevor” in February 1980, and shared with Martin Hannett so he could choose a song he might want to work on. By the time Hannett joined them in the studio in April 1980, the song had been rewritten as “Touch”. It appears at the B-Side to “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” as “Touch”.

We have taken an in depth look at U2’s pre-Island Records demo sessions in two parts. Part One dealt with 1978 – February 1979. Part Two dealt with the latter part of 1979 until early 1980. “Trevor” is discussed in Part Two.

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