"CALM (Relaxation Remixes)" - 5 Seconds of Summer


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Full Track Listing

  • Red Desert (Calm Remix) (08:41)
  • Easier (Calm Remix) (08:30)
  • Old Me (Calm Remix) (10:21)
  • Best Years (Calm Remix) (09:18)

Background Information

This four track digital single of remixes from the Calm album was released through the meditation / relaxation app “Calm”. The songs are streaming only via the app, and although they can be saved for offline listening, they do not transfer from the device. The Edge is featured on the song “Best Years” which is remixed here into a 9 minute slow almost instrumental song. It is one of four remixes, but is the only remix of the song that features The Edge on guitar. The digital single was released a day in advance of the album, CALM.

The press release from Universal Music for this release of remixes through Calm states:

As they gear up for the album’s release, 5SOS have partnered with Calm (a leading global health and wellness brand) to share four individual remixes of tracks off the forthcoming album. Starting tomorrow, those four remixes will be available on the Calm app (the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation). Each remix was thoughtfully crafted by a different member of the band along with remixer/producer Matt Pauling, who also produced two songs on the album (Red Desert and Lonely Heart). “Easier” comes from guitarist Michael Clifford, “Old Me” from bassist Calum Hood, “Red Desert” from drummer Ashton Irwin, and “Best Years” from vocalist/guitarist Luke Hemmings. Launching exclusively on the Calm app, these remixes are the latest in a series of special releases from artists like Nick Murphy, Sam Smith, Sabrina Carpenter, and more.

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