"As If To Nothing" - Armstrong, Craig


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Full Tracklisting:

  • Ruthless Gravity (5:59)
  • Wake Up in New York (3:30)
  • Miracle (3:21)
  • Amber (5:10)
  • Finding Beauty (3:40)
  • Waltz (5:17)
  • Inhaler (4:59)
  • Hymn 2 (4:49)
  • Snow (3:54)
  • Starless II (4:27)
  • Stay (Faraway So Close) (6:02)
  • Niente (4:49)
  • Sea Song (6:14)
  • Let it Be Love (3:50)
  • Choral Ending (2:49)

Background Information

As If To Nothing was the second independent album from Scottish composer Craig Armstrong. Armstrong, as an arranger, had worked with U2 prior to this album, and when looking for outside voices to add to his album, approached Bono to sing on the album. Armstrong had also contributed to “Miss Sarajevo”, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”, and “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” among many others. The song performed on this album by Armstrong with Bono, is a new recording of “Stay (Faraway So Close)”, which U2 had recorded on their 1993 album Zooropa and had also released as a single. This version of “Stay” features a full orchestra. Bono is the only member of U2 involved with this re-recording of the song.

During one of the tour stops on the second leg of the Elevation tour Bono re-recorded the vocals for “Stay (Faraway So Close)” for inclusion in this album. Bono recorded the vocals with Mark “Spike” Stent manning the recording studio. The song itself is quite beautiful in this version, although it has always been a favorite. Armstrong is well known for his movie scores.

The album was reissued in early 2022 on the Music on CD label. This does not appear to be a new master. At the end of 2022, the album was remastered and reissued for the first time on vinyl, as well as other formats. A special 500 copy limited edition (Dinked Edition) comes on clear vinyl, with a bonus 10-inch, a numbered OBI strip, and a booklet signed by Armstrong. The album was also reissued on black vinyl, and on CD. The vinyl copies are cut at half speed. Remastering took place at Abbey Road Studios. The new versions were released on December 9, 2022, and include a new cover.

Liner Notes

Stay (Faraway So Close):
Featured vocal: Bono. Piano: Craig Armstrong. Vocals recorded by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.
Written by U2. Produced and arranged by Craig Armstrong. Orchestral, vocal and choral arrangment by Craig Armstrong. Mixed by Geoff Foster, Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, and Andy Bradford. Recorded by Geoff Foster. Assisted by Keith Uddin. Featured Vocal: Bono. Piano: Craig Armstrong. Vocals recorded by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent. Programming and keyboards: Stephen Hilton. Protools: David Donaldson.

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Catalog of Releases

Other Known Formats:

2002 Issue:

5-Inch CD, Australia, CDSAD13
5-Inch CD, Japan, VJCP 68391
5-Inch CD, USA, ASW 11907-2
5-Inch CD, UK, 7243 8 11907 2 2
5-Inch CD, UK, CDSADDJY13, Promo

2022 Reissue:

5-Inch CD, Netherlands, MOCCD14165

2022 Remaster:

12-Inch/10-Inch, EU, DUKE218DJX, clear vinyl “Dinked Edition” (500 numbered copies)
12-Inch, white vinyl “Mondo Edition” (300 copies)
12-Inch, EU, DUKE218DJV, black vinyl
5-Inch CD, EU, DUKE218CD