"Duets: The Making of An American Classic" - Bennett, Tony

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This documentary about the making of Tony Bennett’s “Duets” album debuted on PBS on September 26, 2006 in the USA. It was later released on DVD on May 1, 2007. The entire documentary runs approximately one hour and was directed by Jay Krugman.

The song that Bono performs with Bennett on the album is 3:02 and is a cover of “I Wanna Be Around”. In this video presentation we can see Bono and Bennett in the studio recording the song, and before the final verse, the documentary cuts away to a conversation between Bono and Bennett. After that conversation, we return to the song and it is played through to the end. The entire segment is about 4:10 in length due to this conversation between Bono and Bennett between verses of the song.

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