"Cieli Di Toscana / Tuscan Skies" - Bocelli, Andrea


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Full Track Listing:

  • Melodramma (4:09)
  • Mille Lune Mille Onde (4:00)
  • E Sara’ A Settembre (Someone like You) (5:05)
  • Chiara (4:03)
  • Mascagni (4:12)
  • Resta Qui (4:10)
  • Il Mistero Dell’Amore (4:29)
  • Se La Gente Usasse Il Cuore (5:00)
  • Si Volto (4:07)
  • L’Abitudine (4:21)
  • L’Incontro (with Bono) (4:52)
  • E Mi Manchi Tu (5:03)
  • Il Diavolo E L’Angelo (4:03)
  • L’Ultimo Re (3:47)
    Bonus Tracks:
  • L’Incontro (with Gerard Depardieu) (4:51)
  • Tornera La Neve
  • El Encuentro (L’Incontro)

Background Information

Between breaks of the European leg of the Elevation tour, Bono had time to contribute to this CD by Andrea Bocelli. The song, “L’Incontro” features a spoken word poem by Bono on copies of the CD released in English speaking countries. In Spanish speaking countries, this introduction is spoken in Spanish by Bocelli himself. And on French versions of the CD, this introduction is spoken by Gerad Depardieu. Canada being a bilingual country got both the version with Bono and the version with Depardieu. Bono recorded his portion of this track at the same time U2 were recording the “Acoustic Version” of “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” while in Vienna, Austria.

When searching for a copy with Bono included, please be sure that he is listed in the track listing as being part of the song. These other versions without Bono do exist. The Spanish (589 223-2) and Italian (300 368-2) releases of this CD feature El Encuentro and do not contain the English introduction by Bono. The French (589 247-2) release has the poem at the start performed by Gerard Depardieu and Bono does not appear on the release. Only those releases we have confirmed contain Bono will be listed in the catalogue section below.

Liner Notes

L’Incontro: Intoduction poem written by Andrea Bocelli. Recited by Bono. Produced by Mark Taylor and Robin Smith for Brian Rawling Productions. Mixed by Steve “Barney” Chase and Mark Taylor at Metropolis Studio, London, England. Assistant: Jong uk Yoon. Keyboards: Robin Smith. Guitars: Fausto Mesolella and Robin Smith. Percussions: Luis Jardim. Choir: Coro Arcobaleno directed by orchestra leader: Rolf Wilson. Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths. Lead vocals: recorded by Mike Trevor Ross at Sony Music studios, London England. Assistant Engineer: M. Wippersberg. Bono’s recital recorded by Martin Bohm at MG sound Studios, Veinna, Austria. Assistant Engineer: Dr. Frank

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