"In the Name of the Father" - Bono, Gavin Friday and Sinéad O'Connor

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In 1993 Bono joined with Gavin Friday to work on the soundtrack to the film “In the Name of the Father”. They worked together on a number of songs, including “Billy Boola” and “In the Name of the Father” which they also performed on the soundtrack. A third song, “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” was recorded by Sinéad O’Connor for use in the movie. A fourth song, “The Father and His Wife the Spirit” was only found on the single for “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart”. The single was released with the one b-side, as well as a number of remixes of the title track. “In the Name of the Father” was also released as a single with a number of remixes of the title track. “In the Name of the Father” is used in the opening of the film, and used quite effectively in the movie, kicking in as a bomb goes off.

In the US, where there was no commercial release of either single, “In the Name of the Father” was released a promotional single (PRCD 6813-2) by Island Records. It was released in a regular jewel case, with front and back inserts. The single contained the same tracks available on the commercial release in the UK and Europe.

As many of the tracks were remixes of the title tracks, a promotional split 12-inch was also issued to DJs, which featured remixes of “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” on the a-side and remixes of “In the Name of the Father” on the reverse. This 12-inch single (PR12 6824-1) came packaged in a generic Island sleeve which was yellow with the Island logo in each corner. The sleeve was cut so that the label showed through, and had a sticker affixed to the front announcing the remixes. The sticker had the name of the movie in large print and thus this single is often referred to as a release of “In the name of the Father”, when it really is more properly a release of “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart”.

Liner Notes

In the Name of the Father (Various Mixes):
Written by Bono, Gavin Friday, Maurice Seezer. Bono and Gavin Friday: Vocals. Maurice Seezer: Keyboards, programming, distorted accordian, bass, guitar, percussion. Tommy Hayes: Drums, percussion. Dave Clayton: Additional keyboards. Tim Simenon: Additional drums, sample programming. Paul Barrett: Percussion. Produced by Tim Simenon and Gavin Friday. Recording engineer: Paul Barrett. Mix Engineer: Q. Bass: Jah Wobble. Mixed at Wisseloord, Holland. Programming Engineer: Kerry Hopwood. Assistant engineer: Atticus Ross. Sample of ‘An Ras’ by Tommy Hayes, liscensed courtesty of Mulligan Records & Swing Music. Additional production and remix by Tim Simenon. Additional remix engineering by Mike Marsh at the Exchange.

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