"Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman" - Bono & The Edge / U2

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This boxed set was sent out for promotion of both the Disney+ Special, Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with David Letterman and the new album Songs of Surrender which contained forty recreated U2 songs, recorded by the band during Covid-19 lockdowns. The box contained a number of items:

  • A download insert, entitling users to a full download of the Songs of Surrender album in WAVE format
  • A universal travel plug adaptor (branded with the Disney+ logo)
  • Travel case (branded with name of the film)
  • Two “travel stickers”
  • 3rd Generation Apple AirPods, with branded film sleeve
  • A branded box which contained all of the above materials

Documentation included with the kit describes the content as well as sharing,

“U2’s Bono and The Edge make a return to Dublin with Dave Letterman, reflecting on their journey as musicians and friends. The docu-special features never-before-seen footage and interviews detailing their song-writing process and the inspiration behind their greatest hits. During lockdown, in 2020, Bono and The Edge spent time revisiting many of their iconic songs and re-recorded them for today’s audience. When they emerged, Bono invited Dave to visit the pair in Dublin and attend a special show at the old Ambassador Cinema building at the top of O’Connell Street. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville, this is a concert movie, a travel adventure, and the story of one of the most remarkable friendships in the history of rock and roll.”

Kits were initially sent out in advance of the film debut on March 17, 2023, which was also the date of release for the album Songs of Surrender which was included as a download in the set. An additional round of kits were sent out as Emmy Award nominations time arrived. Some were sent just the travel case without the box and other items. In this case, the download of the album was not included. Boxes were sent out as is, with a sticker applied to one side with the recipients name and address. As such, finding a complete set is difficult. Boxes were distributed ahead of the film, but since the album download via the box was only made available on March 17, we’ve chosen that as the release date for this item.

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