"Behind the Trap Door" - Burnett, T-Bone


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Full Track Listing:

  • Strange Combination (3:51)
  • Amnesia and Jealousy (Oh Lana!) (4:51)
  • Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her (4:02)
  • The Law of Average (2:32)
  • My Life and the Women Who Lived It (No. 1) (5:20)
  • Welcome Home, Mr. Lewis (3:35)

Background Information

“Behind the Trap Door” was a six track release by T-Bone Burnett, which echoed an earlier EP called simply “Trapdoor” which Burnett had released in 1982. “Behind the Trap Door” was only released in the UK and Europe through the label, Demon Records, and quickly went out of print. On the song “Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Here” Bono is credited as a co-writer on the original release. It is one of the earliest solo projects outside the band by anyone in U2, being predated only by some of The Edge’s solo work.

When asked about “Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her” Bono commented, “I really like that song but I didn’t write much of it. T-Bone was very generous in giving me 50% of the song. I Really love it. I’ve written others with T-Bono like Purple Heart on his last album. I think we’ve started on another one. He’s working on his next LP – the one to answer every question ever asked. It’s called “I Can’t Explain Everything”. T-Bone’s heart is as tall as he is.

Bono would again work with T-Bone Burnett on his 1988 album “The Talking Animals” on which Bono both co-wrote and sings backing on the song “Purple Heart”.

In 2007, the “Behind the Trap Door” album was re-released on CD in the US as part of Rhino’s Handmade series. The album was featured on a 2 disc set, which also included the earlier releases of “Trap Door” and “Proof Through the Night”. The 2 disc set was titled “Proof Through the Night & The Complete Trap Door” and was limited to 5000 copies.

Liner Notes

Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her: Written by Burnett and Bono. Produced by T-Bone Burnett, Reggie Fisher and David Miner. Musicians: Alex Acuna, Steve Berlin, Stephen Bruton, J. Henry (T-Bone) Burnett, David Ferguson, David Kemper, David Mansfield, David Miner, Billy Swan, Richard Thompson (not listed which tracks each musician participates in.)

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