"I Wish You Could Have Seen Her Dance" - Burnett, T-Bone


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  • “I Wish You Could See Her Dance”
  • “Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her”

Background Information

This 7-Inch single was released in Ireland in the fall of 1984. The A-side was an older song of T-Bone Burnett’s from 1982, “I Wish You Could See Her Dance.” The B-Side is the song that Burnett wrote with Bono for his 1984 EP, Behind the Trap Door. The version found here on the single is the same recording that is found on that EP. The song is incorrectly labeled on the label as “Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Here” instead of “Her.”

Bono does not appear on the track, it is a solo song by Burnett, and Bono only contributes lyrics. It is one of the earliest solo projects outside the band by anyone in U2, being predated only by some of The Edge’s solo work. When asked about “Having a Wonderful Time Wish You Were Her” Bono commented, “I really like that song but I didn’t write much of it. T-Bone was very generous in giving me 50% of the song. I Really love it. I’ve written others with T-Bono like Purple Heart on his last album. I think we’ve started on another one. He’s working on his next LP – the one to answer every question ever asked. It’s called “I Can’t Explain Everything”. T-Bone’s heart is as tall as he is.”

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