"Collected" - Call, The

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing

  • “War-Weary World”
  • “There’s A Heart Here”
  • “Upperbirth”
  • “The Walls Came Down”
  • “Modern Romans”
  • “Time of Your Life”
  • “Heavy Hand”
  • “Scene Beyond Dreams”
  • “Tremble”
  • “Everywhere I Go”
  • “I Still Believe (Great Design)”
  • “The Morning”
  • “Oklahoma”
  • “In the River”
  • “I Don’t Wanna”
  • “The Woods”
  • “Memory”
  • “Let the Day Begin”
  • “You Run”
  • “When”
  • “What’s Happened to You”
  • “You Were There”
  • “Floating Back”
  • “Love is Everywhere”
  • “Become America”
  • “All You Hold On To”

Bonus on CD

  • “Waiting for the End”
  • “Turn A Blind Eye”
  • “Delivered”
  • “Tore the Old Place Down”
  • “Walk Walk”
  • “Same Ol’ Story”
  • “Surrender”
  • “Like You’ve Never Been Loved”
  • “What a Day”
  • “World on Fire”
  • “All You Hold On To”
  • “I Still Believe” (Live 1986)
  • “Oklahoma” (Live 1986)
  • “Everywhere I Go” (Extended Remix)
  • “To Feel This Way” – Michael Been
  • “Jumpoffs” – Michael Been
  • “Us” – Michael Been
  • “This World” – Michael Been
  • “For Your Love” – Michael Been
  • “We Know Too Much” – Michael Been
  • “Love is Everywhere” (Remix)
  • “Soaring Bird” (2.0 Version)
  • “World on Fire” (Soundtrack Mix)
  • “Love is Everywhere” (Love Mix)
  • “To Feel This Way” (Soundtrack Mix)
  • “Even Now” (Live 1990)
  • “I Don’t Wanna” (Live 1990)
  • “Let the Day Begin” (Live 2013) ft Robert Levon Been

Background Information

The Call, lead by Michael Been, formed in Santa Cruz in 1980. In 1990 their seventh album, Red Moon was released, and included a song where Bono featured on vocals. It was the only song the band recorded with Bono. In the liner notes of the original album both Bono and Ali are thanked along with Paul McGuinness and a number of people who worked for Principle Management. That album has become more difficult to find over the years.

This new collection of songs by The Call, as well as solo material by Been, was released in 2019 by the label Music on Vinyl. The compilation was released on a special 1000-copy limited edition orange double-vinyl set, which is hand numbered. It was also released as a three CD set, released in a digipack, containing additional songs including a selection of solo tracks from Been.

The liner notes on this new release include, “The album features yet another superstar guest musician: U2’s Bono shares vocal harmonies with Michael on ‘What’s Happened to You’. Michael Been on Bono: ‘I knew he would be great on the la-la’s because it’s kind of an Irish melody. He was a very nice man (…) He told us he was ‘a fan from afar’.”

Liner Notes

What’s Happened to You:
Written by Michael Been. Scott Musick: Drums, percussion and vocals. Jim Goodwin: Keyboards, saxophones, vocals. Tom Ferrier: Guitar and vocals. Michael Been: Bass, guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals. Bono: Background Vocal on “What’s Happened to You?”. Produced by Micheal Been and the Call. Co-Produced by Jim Scott. Engineered and Mixed by Jim Scott.

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