"The Best of the Call: The Millenium Collection" - Call, The

Compilation Album

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Full Track List:
Let the Day Begin
Walls Came Down
War Weary World
Turn a Blind Eye
Modern Romans
Scene Beyond Dreams
Everywhere I Go
I Don’t Wanna
You Run
What’s Happened to You
I Still Believe (Great Design) (Live)

Background Information

The Call were a band formed in Santa Cruz in 1980. Their seventh album was released in 1990, and was titled “Red Moon”. The album contained the song “What’s Happened to You” which features Bono providing backing vocals on the track. In 1997 a two disc set entitled “The Best of the Call” also collected this song with Bono singing back up.

In 2000, to celebrate the turn of the Millenium, a series of low priced collections began appearing called the “20th Century Masters”. All of these compilations featured a similar artwork on the front cover, and in most cases were put together without the input of the original artists, but was done by the label itself. The Call was featured in this series, and in October 2000 this edition was released which also contained the song The Call had originally done with Bono singing backing.

The Call have since disbanded, and the lead singer, Michael Been passed away on August 19, 2010, while working as a sound engineer for his son’s band “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”. The only song The Call recorded with Bono was “What’s Happened to You”.

Liner Notes

Written by Michael Been. Scott Musick: Drums, percussion and vocals. Jim Goodwin: Keyboards, saxophones, vocals. Tom Ferrier: Guitar and vocals. Michael Been: Bass, guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals. Bono: Background Vocal on “What’s Happened to You?”. Produced by Micheal Been and the Call. Co-Produced by Jim Scott. Engineered and Mixed by Jim Scott.

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