"Easy Rider: The Best of the Mercury Recordings" - Cash, Johnny

Compilation Album

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Full Tracklisting:

  • “Waymore’s Blues”
  • “We Remember the King”
  • “The Big Light”
  • “The Night Hank Williams Came to Town”
  • “Let Him Roll”
  • “W. Lee O’Daniel (And the Light Crust Dough Boys)”
  • “Ballad of a Teenage Queen”
  • “The Last of the Drifters”
  • “That Old Wheel”
  • “Get Rhythm”
  • “Tennessee Flat Top Box”
  • “Sunday Morning Coming Down”
  • “Veteran’s Day”
  • “A Backstage Pass”
  • “Cat’s in the Cradle”
  • “Farmer’s Almanac”
  • “Monteagle Mountain”
  • “I Shall Be Free”
  • “I’m An Easy Rider”
  • “The Greatest Cowboy of them All”
  • “Hey Porter”
  • “The Mystery of Live”
  • “Goin’ By the Book”
  • “The Wanderer” (Soundtrack Version)

Background Information

Between 1986 and 1991 Johnny Cash was signed and recording with Mercury Records. During that time he released seven albums which were collected together in 2020 as part of a collection called The Complete Mercury Recordings 1986-1991. The box set was available on vinyl and on CD, as well as digitally.

At the same time, a compilation of the highlights from these albums was collected in Easy Rider: The Best of the Mercury Recordings featuring 24 tracks on a single CD, or across two vinyl discs. The compilation includes Johnny Cash’s recording of “The Wanderer” with U2. This is not the version found on the Zooropa album however, but is the rarely heard soundtrack version from Faraway So Close. It includes an additional verse of Cash singing which did not make it onto the album mix, as well as different instrumentation. This version of the song had been released on The Mystery of Life as a bonus track when it had been reissued in 2003.

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