"The Legend of Johnny Cash" - Cash, Johnny

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing:

  • Cry! Cry! Cry! (2:24)
  • Hey, Porter (2:13)
  • Folsom Prison Blues (2:49)
  • I Walk the Line (2:45)
  • Get Rhythm (2:14)
  • Big River (2:32)
  • Guess Things Happen That Way (1:51)
  • Ring of Fire (2:37)
  • Jackson (2:46)
  • A Boy Named Sue (Live) (3:46)
  • Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down (4:07)
  • Man in Black (2:52)
  • One Piece at a Time (4:02)
  • Highwayman (3:03) (With Willie Nelson / Waylon Jennings / Kris Kristofferson)
  • The Wanderer (4:45)
  • Delia’s Gone (2:19)
  • Rusty Cage (2:49)
  • I’ve Been Everywhere (3:16)
  • Give My Love to Rose (3:27)
  • The Man Comes Around (Early Take) (3:50)
  • Hurt (3:38)

Background Information

In 1993, Johnny Cash was approached by U2 to record the song “The Wanderer” with them for the album “Zooropa”. An alternate version was also recorded for the soundtrack of the movie “Faraway So Close”. The song featured U2 providing the instrumentals while Cash provided the lead vocals on the track.

The version that was featured on the album “Zooropa” faded out, and then was followed by a period of silence, and then a piercing alarm comes back at the very end. This has been labelled the “DJ Alarm” over the years. On vinyl copies of the album the track will actually repeat the alarm indefinitely. This compilation album by Johnny Cash features the exact same mix as the “Zooropa” album but removes the DJ Alarm at the end of the track.

This single disc compilation was put together and released at the time the big screen movie, “Walk the Line” was being released to theatres. The soundtrack to “Walk the Line” featured the stars of the movie singing Cash’s songs, and this compilation was positioned to be the album for people to buy if they wanted the original songs. It was a hugely successful album and has been certified multi-times platinum. Digital remastering of the album was completed by Gavin Lurssen and Dana Smart at The Mastering Lab.

In the UK the album was released with a slightly different track listing and name, “Ring of Fire: The Legend of Johnny Cash”. The UK version of the release also featured Johnny Cash performing a cover of U2’s “One” which he recorded before his death.

Liner Notes

The Wanderer:
Written by Bono – U2. Performed by U2 starring Johnny Cash. Produced by Flood, Brian Eno & The Edge. Originally on Island 518047, Zooropa (1993)

Compilation Produced by Steve Berkowitz, Gregg Geller, and Andy McKaie.
Digital Remastered by Gavin Lurssen and Dana Smart at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood CA.
Production Manager: Adam Abrams.

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