"Feels Like A Different Thing" - Confidence Man


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Full Track Listing:

  • “Feels Like A Different Thing” (03:47)
  • “Holiday” (04:48)

Background Information

In 2022 Bono and The Edge appeared on the Confidence Man album Tilt. Bono can be heard on the song “Feels Like A Different Thing”. Although reported to be on the album playing tambourine, where The Edge appears has not been confirmed, but “Feels Like A Different Thing” does include a tambourine sound in places, so this may be the track where The Edge appears as well.

The song appeared as a stand alone single, released digitally in advance of the album. The song would also appear on the single “Woman” and would be included on the album Tilt. It is the same version of the song in all cases.

A video for the song features a Keith Richards look alike standing in for Bono when the line of the song is delivered.

More information about this collaboration is available under the discography entry for the Tilt album.

Liner Notes

All songs written, engineered and arranged by Confidence Man
Produced by Reggie Goodchild. Additional production by Clarence McGuffie and Confidence Man
Mixed by Ewan Pearson for 365 Artists
Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering London

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