"Re-Tilt" - Confidence Man


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  • “Holiday” (Tame Impala Remix) – Confidence Man
  • “Luvin U is Easy” (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) – Confidence Man
  • “Relieve the Pressure” (X-Coast Remix) – Confidence Man
  • “Angry Girl” (CHAI Version) – Confidence Man
  • “Break It Bought It” (CC:Disco! Dub Mix) – Confidence Man
  • “Feels Like A Different Thing” (Daniel Avery Remix) – Confidence Man
  • “Holiday” (Erol Alkan OOO Rework) – Confidence Man

Background Information

In April 2022, Confidence Man released their album Tilt, which featured the single “Feels Like A Different Thing“. The album was promoted as containing an appearance by The Edge on tambourine somewhere in the mix. But “Feels Like A Different Thing” also features a line by Bono at the end of the song. Although the band have not confirmed where The Edge appears, we’ve only listed the one song to date in our archive, and it does include a tambourine sound during the riff, so that could be The Edge.

This remixed EP of songs from that album contains a remix of “Feels Like A Different Thing”, remixed by Daniel Avery. The previous vocal by Bono does not appear to appear in the remix. Thus if anyone is appearing on this EP it is only The Edge.

In November 2019, Confidence Man told ABC News, “We’re doing some stuff in England next year for the new record and The Edge is going to play tambourine all over it, apparently. We’re saying he’s not allowed to play any guitar. He wants to play something, but we said he can only play the tambo.” In 2020 the told Cool Accidents, “We sent the Edge a few of our unreleased tracks and he keeps sending them back with guitar solos all over them. We’ve told him time and time again if he’s gonna feature it’ll be on tambourine but he just won’t get the message! Such a sweetheart though.”

This EP is only released as a digital release.

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