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Full Track Listing

“Woman” – 4:28
“Feels Like a Different Thing” – 3:47
“What I Like” – 3:23
“Toy Boy” – 3:30
“Luvin U Is Easy” – 4:24
“Holiday” – 4:48
“Trumpet Song” – 3:23
“Angry Girl” – 2:52
“Push It Up” – 3:24
“Kiss N Tell” – 0:54
“Break It Bought It” – 3:42
“Relieve the Pressure” – 6:09

Background Information

In 2019 when U2 toured Australia with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, the band were seen hanging out with members of an Australian band, Confidence Man. The Edge and Noel Gallagher were at one party thrown by the band, which got a little loud, and had a neighbor coming to confront the band. He was quieted when he was met by The Edge, and ended up asking for a photo with him. Bono was also seen dining with the lead singer of the band, and there were stories they had been in studio together.

In November 2019, Confidence Man told ABC News, “We’re doing some stuff in England next year for the new record and The Edge is going to play tambourine all over it, apparently. We’re saying he’s not allowed to play any guitar. He wants to play something, but we said he can only play the tambo.” In 2020 the told Cool Accidents, “We sent the Edge a few of our unreleased tracks and he keeps sending them back with guitar solos all over them. We’ve told him time and time again if he’s gonna feature it’ll be on tambourine but he just won’t get the message! Such a sweetheart though.”

The album Tilt was released on April 1, 2022. The band told NME “Noel and The Edge are actually both hidden on the record somewhere. I’m not supposed to talk about it. You’ll have to do some research on the YouTube comments.” They did confirm that The Edge is playing tambourine on the song in question. At this time we have not identified which song it is where The Edge is playing tambourine.

They failed to mention one other cameo appearance on the album. It sounds like Bono is at 2:33 on the song “Feels Like A Different Thing” which was released in advance of the album. When we asked the band about this appearance, they retweeted our question and shared “Hmmm?” with wide eyes, and replied to us with a giggle. Asked about the clip, U2 fans in general were united, with 80% replying they were sure it is Bono. There’s also a tambourine sound in the mix, during the riff, which may be where The Edge pops up as well. The song was issued in advance of the album itself, as a single as well as an extra track on the “Woman” single.

The liner notes do not identify where any special guests appear, or who they are, but the band do thank both Bono and The Edge in the liner notes, as well as long time friend of the band, Simon Carmody.

The album was released on three different colours of vinyl (yellow, blue and green) as well as in CD.

Liner Notes

All songs written, engineered and arranged by Confidence Man
Produced by Reggie Goodchild. Additional production by Clarence McGuffie and Confidence Man
Mixed by Ewan Pearson for 365 Artists
Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering London

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