"The Sound of A" - Cooper, Alice


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  • The Sound of A – Alice Cooper
  • The Black Widow (Live in Columbus) – Alice Cooper
  • Public Animal #9 (Live in Columbus) – Alice Cooper
  • Is It My Body (Live in Columbus) – Alice Cooper
  • Cold Ethyl (Live in Columbus) – Alice Cooper

Background Information

“The Sound of A” is the second single released from Alice Cooper’s 2017 album, Paranormal. The album was released on July 28, 2017, and featured Larry Mullen on drums on nine different tracks including “The Sound of A”. More information about the collaboration and how it came about can be found in our album discography entry.

This EP release features the studio version of “The Sound of A” and four live tracks taken from a performance in Columbus Ohio, and on which Larry Mullen does not perform. The version of “The Sound of A” on this release is the same version that is available on Paranormal.

This single was released physically in Germany on February 23, 2018, and was released in a number of formats. This includes a 5-Inch CD release in a digipack case, a 10-inch limited edition numbered white vinyl release, and digital releases. The limited vinyl release is numbered by hand on the back of the sleeve and is limited to 4000 copies, the CD release is not numbered. The digital release on iTunes Germany lists “The Sound of A” as being a live track as well, but listening to the preview it is likely a mistake on the title of the song, and we can confirm that Larry Mullen does feature on the physical releases of the single, but only on the song “The Sound of A” which is a studio version from the album. The EP has been released digitally in other countries worldwide as well. A hi-res digital release was also available at digital storefronts worldwide.

This release is the second release from the album, the first “Paranoiac Personality“ was issued in advance of the album.

A music video was released to accompany the single, first appearing on December 14, 2017. Larry Mullen does not appear in the video for the song. The song itself is the first song that Alice Cooper wrote entirely on his own in 1967. The song was forgotten, and only recently rediscovered and recorded for Paranormal.

Liner Notes

The Sound of A:
Guitar: Tommy Denander, Tommy Henricksen & Nick Didkovsky. Drums: Larry Mullen. Bass: Dennis Dunaway. Organ: Bob Ezrin. Backing Vocals & Sound Effects: Tommy Henricksen. Backing Vocals: Demi Demaree, Tommy Henricksen & Johnny Reid.

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