"Don't Come Knocking" - Corr, Andrea and Bono

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In August 2005, preceding the German premiere of the movie “Don’t Come Knocking” by Wim Wenders a press conference was held. During that conference, copies of a promotional CDR were circulated to reporters in attendance. Many of these CDRs came in a printed card sleeve, but others were given out in just a jewel case with no inserts. On the CD was the song “Don’t Come Knocking” performed by Andrea Corr and Bono. The song was a gift to director Wenders for his 60th birthday, and the song is also used over the final credits of his film “Don’t Come Knocking”.

The version used in the film was produced by T-Bone Burnett and the song used over the final credits uses the same vocal track feauring Bono and Andrea Corr, but the instrumentation was quite different from the version found on this promotional CD. T-Bone Burnett had completely redone the guitar and percussion tracks to better fit with the rest of the movie soundtrack. The version found on these hand crafted promotional recordings is the only known source of this song, although the track could be heard on u2.com as a low bit rate digital file, and the full promotional version circulated on the internet as an mp3. The version on the promotional CD was produced by The Edge and Jacknife Lee, and was engineered by Robbie Adams.

A soundtrack album was planned, and even listed as a pre-order with Amazon in Germany. However, orders placed were cancelled before the release date.

The full version of the song redone by T-Bone Burnett played over the final credits of the movie, and is available on the DVD of the film.

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