"The Works" - Corrs, The

Compilation Album

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Disc One:
What Can I Do
I Never Loved You Anyway
Love to Love You
Forgiven Not Forgotten
Leave Me Alone
Secret Life
The Right Time
Heaven Knows
When He’s Not Around
Don’t Say You Love Me
Love Gives Love Takes
Hopelessly Addicted
Erin Shore (Instrumental)

Disc Two:
So Young
Give Me a Reason
Only When I Sleep
Queen of Hollywood
No Good For Me
Little Wing
All The Love in the World
All In a Day
At Your Side
No More Cry
Give it All Up
One Night
Hurt Before
Rebel Heart

Disc Three:
Summer Sunshine
Long Night
Old Town
Heart Like a Wheel
Black is the Colour
Haste to the Wedding
No Frontiers
Love in the Milky Way
Looking in The Eyes of Love
Somebody for Someone (Acoustic)
No More Cry (Acoustic)
At Your Side (Acoustic)
When The Stars Go Blue (Featuring Bono) (3:58)
Dreams (Tee’s Radio Mix)
So Young (K Klass Remix)
What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix)
Radio (Unplugged)
Goodbye (2006 Remix)

Background Information

Bono joined the Corrs for a live performance on January 25, 2002. The performance was held at Ardmore Studios, in Co. Wicklow, and the performance was filmed for a VH1 special, and also recorded for an album release, “Live in Dublin”. During the performance, Bono joined the Corrs on two songs, “Summer Wine” and “When the Stars Go Blue”. Both songs were released on the “Live in Dublin” album, and “When the Stars Go Blue” was also released as a promotional single to radio.

When this compilation titled “The Works” was released, there was no evidence that the track was a remix. The track list on the back of the CD just lists the song and that Bono is featured on the song. And indeed, it is the same performance recorded on January 25, 2002. The crowd noise has been edited, and the instrumentals have been remixed slightly, but it is still recognizable as the same recording. It has been suggested that the remix of this track was done so a live track would fit in better on such a best of compilation.

Since the original “Live in Dublin” release was only released in the US and in low quantities, this CD has become the easier place to find this track, albeit a remix of the original. The remix also appeared on another Corrs compilation album, titled “Dreams”.

The Corrs have a long history working with Bono and U2. They stepped in at the last moment for an ill PJ Harvey at the opening shows of 2001’s Elevation Tour. Sharon and Andrea contributed to U2’s soundtrack version of “The Hands that Built America” found on the “Gangs of New York” soundtrack. Bono co-wrote “Time Enough for Tears” which was sung by Andrea on the “In America” soundtrack and on the Corrs album, “Borrowed Heaven”. Bono also helped produce Andrea’s solo album “Ten Feet High”.

Liner Notes

When the Stars Go Blue:
The Corrs featuring Bono. Written by Ryan Adams. Produced by Mitchell Froom. Re-mixed in Disclab studios by Richard Lowe and Hans Grottheim. Additional production by Jorn Dahl and Hans Grottheim.

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