"Modern Mantra" - DJ Spooky


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Full Track Listing:

  • Heaven Dips – Russell Mills & Undark ft. Sussan Deyhim
  • Lifted – Sharpshooters
  • On the Dub-ble – DJ KRUSH
  • Double Trouble – Good (AKA Le Gooster)
  • Analyze – Sharpshooters
  • Cargo / Sweet Melody – Fugitive Elf & Sneakster
  • Posterity – Saru
  • Gangsta Shit / Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens – DJ Cam
  • All That Dub – Blend
  • Skip Town – Aesop Rock
  • Dinner with Blockhead – Aesop Rock
  • Zxero – Jack Dangers
  • Dark Plot / Tobira-2 – Hanna, DJ Krush, Toshinori Kondo
  • Traffic / The Sighting – Cujo
  • Personal – Quentin’s Ladder
  • Combustion Chamber / Tranquility Base – Illform & Omnicron
  • Babel – Nostramus
  • Double Dragon – Quentin’s Ladder
  • The OG – Goo (AKA Le Gooster)
  • Requiem for Ra – Spaceways
  • Spyworm – Shinju Gumi
  • Stone’s Eggs – Russell Mills & Undark ft. Bill Laswell & Michael Brook
  • Understand – Prototype 909
  • Elevatorium (Sub Dub Remix) – Terre Thaemlitz
  • Myopia – Moby

Background Information

DJ Spooky’s third full-length album is a mix of hip-hop, ambient and electronic music, compiled by DJ Spooky, mixed, and some music with additional scratching by Spooky. “We’re bombarded with so much of the same thing these days. Modern Mantra is a kind of placeholder in my mind of a different, more innocent time in electronic music. It’s amazing how remote the ’90s seem now. I guess it’s partially nostalgia for the ‘early days’ of this kind of electronic music/hip-hop/drum’n‘bass hybrid sound that came out, but updated for now.”

The mix is continuous which means one track blends into another, and there may be overlap from one track into the track before it and the one that follows.

The track that includes this item in the U2 discography is “Stone’s Eggs” by Russell Mills. The song was originally featured on Mills’ 1996 album under the name Undark and is 14:34 on that album. Mills collected sounds from various musicians for that album, including U2’s The Edge. The music was then used to produce an album containing eight songs from the resultant sounds, however it is not credited what tracks each artist appears on. So while we know that The Edge appears on the album, it is not known what exact songs he appears on. Early discographies listing this album only included three songs, of which “Stone’s Eggs” was one. It is not known why those three songs were the only ones listed.

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