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Background Information

“New York New York” was a 1990 single by the band Ecco Homo, their second single. This is not the song made popular by Frank Sinatra, but rather a unique song. The Australian band released only two singles, “Motorcycle Baby” in 1988 and this song in 1990. The song “New York New York” features Bono and the Edge performing, however neither was credited on the sleeve. The Edge contributes guitar and Bono contributes vocals on the song. The single was released in limited quantities on the Australian label RooArt. At the time of release, there was a lot of conjecture about whether or not it was Bono and The Edge performing, but PolyGram Australia did confirm that it was indeed Bono and The Edge on the release.

Ecco Homo was Troy Davies, a stylist from Australia. He worked with the Max Q team of Michael Hutchence (of INXS) and Ollie Olsen. For the “New York New York” single, Bono and the Edge were recorded in a studio in Melbourne during a 1989 tour. That recording session was overseen by Hutchence and Olsen. They were later sampled into the recording by Ecco Homo.

There were three mixes of the track done, with the main version being the “Single Version” (4:22) which featured on the 7-Inch single and on the CD. The 12-Inch vinyl would featuring two additional mixes, one which was 5:30 in length and the other at 3:56 in length.

A video was filmed using the “Single Version” of the song. The video was filmed on April 19, 1990. The video features black and white footage of Bono surrounded by smoke winking at the camera in the early part of the video. The video was directed by Richard Lowenstein, who had also worked on the videos for “Desire” and “Angel of Harlem”. The single and video were released in May of 1990.

Liner Notes

New York, New York:
Written by Davies, Olsen, Till.
Produced by Ollie Olsen and Gus Till. Mixed by Todd Terry.

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