"Film Music: Crime Pays" - Eno, Brian

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Full Track Listing:

  • “Decline And Fall” (From O Nome da Morte) – Brian Eno (03:32)
  • “Top Boy” (Theme / From Top Boy – Series 1) – Brian Eno (02:30)
  • “Late Evening In Jersey” (From Heat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Brian Eno (04:38)
  • “Sparrowfall” (1) (Remastered 2005) – Brian Eno (01:10)
  • “Always Forever Now” – Passengers (06:24)

Background Information

Following on the heels of the album Film Music 1976 – 2020 Brian Eno released a digital only streaming EP on December 18, 2020. The EP featured five additional songs not featured on the album, taken from soundtracks. This time, the release features “Always Forever Now” a track done under the Passengers name, which was a recording done by Brian Eno with all four members of U2.

Although released on the 25th anniversary of the movie Heat, which is the movie that featured the song originally, the version here is not the version from the Heat soundtrack, but instead is the album version of the song. Often when Passengers tracks have shown up on non-album projects, there have been edits made or other differences noted, and the version on Heat was a different mix of the song. This recording of “Always Forever Now” on the Eno digital EP has no significant changes from the album version upon first analysis, but we will carry out a more detailed analysis later. Even the mastering looks very similar to that done for the 1995 CD release in the USA.

This EP is digital streaming only, through services such as Tidal, Deezer, etc. The tracks are not available for purchase or download at this time.

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