"Brave and Crazy" - Etheridge, Melissa


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Full Track Listing:

  • No Souvenirs (4:33)
  • Brave and Crazy (4:37)
  • You Used to Love to Dance (5:33)
  • The Angels (4:38)
  • You Can Sleep While I Drive (3:14)
  • Testify (4:28)
  • Let Me Go (3:56)
  • My Back Door (4:24)
  • Skin Deep (3:10)
  • Royal Station 4/16 (7:09)

Background Information

Melissa Etheridge was signed to Island Records in the late 1980s, after being discovered by Chris Blackwell singing in a club. Rumour has it that Bono was also present at that first fateful meeting where she was discovered by Blackwell. Regardless, over the years she and Bono did cross paths, and on her second album for Island Records, she asked Bono to participate on the album, by playing harmonica on the closing track, “Royal Station 4/16”. The song had been written during her first promotional tour of Europe on April 16, 1988, as she stopped overnight at a hotel called “Royal Station”. Bono would later walk into the sessions where Melissa was recording this track in A&M Studios, and was listening to her perform, when Melissa invited him to join in. Bono listened to her perform the track “Royal Station” a few times, and then performed the harmonica solo which became part of the final recording.

Although only listed in the album credits as playing harmonica, the notes do not list the individual tracks which Bono performed on. This track, “Royal Station 4/16” is the only track where a harmonica can be clearly identified, and is believed to be the only track on which Bono contributed. He did not contribute vocals or other instruments to this recording. The track is incorrectly noted as being 6:40 in length on the album back cover, but is actually over seven minutes in length on all pressings of the album. A shorter 6:40 version does not exist.

Liner Notes

Produced by Kevin McCormick, Niko Bolas, Melissa Etheridge. Recorded and mixed by Niko Bolas. Engineered by Bob Vogt. Songs arranged by Kevin McCormick and Melissa Etheridge. Melissa Etheridge: Vocals, 12 string guitar. Kevin McCormick: Bass. Mauricio Fritz Lewak: Drums. Bernie Larsen: Electric guitar. Bono: Harmonica.

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