U2 Fan Club Releases

U2 has maintained a fan club since 1981, starting out with the old U2 magazine, rebooting with Propaganda in 1986, and moving to an online version in 2004.

Until 2002, a semi-regular magazine was published. Details of these issues can be found in our book section:

With the move to an online fan club and the discontinuation of the physical magazines, an annual gift is now sent to subscribers instead, and is included in the price of the paid membership package. These gifts are for a subscription year, and are physically sent out before the end of the year you are subscribing for. These gifts have included a mix of recordings, serigraphs, and books, as well as added items such as T-Shirts, and masks.

Propaganda / U2.com Albums (Fan Club)

The following list includes all of the gifts from the fan club which have contained music. If you click on the title you can find more information about each release including track listings, lyrics, images and a history of the release. The gifts are listed in chronological order below. Where a gift was for a certain subscription year at U2.com, that information is listed below the title. Non-musical gifts are listed below these items, as is additional information about the release dates of these items.

Other Fan Club Releases

Although most gifts have included music, on occasion the gift have not included music and these are listed below.

Release Schedule

When the fan club first launched as a paid membership at U2.com the gift would arrive ahead of the year that you were subscribing for. So for a 2007 subscription, the gift arrived in December 2006. However, since 2009 the gifts are now arriving in the year that you are subscribing for. The gifts can arrive at any time during the year that they are for. The latest gifts have arrived was in 2017 with The Joshua Tree Singles: 1987 & 2017 and in 2022 with Achtung Baby 30 Live both of which started appearing with subscribers in December of the subscription year. In both cases downloads of some tracks were available in advance of the physical copies being sent out.

* Arrival Date references the first appearance of the gift with subscribers, but it usually takes 3-6 months for all subscribers to have their orders fulfilled. In 2022 gifts are being sent out from both Europe and North America, and this hopefully will speed up the distribution of gifts.

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