"Like a Lion" - Fear of Falling


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Like a Lion
You / Me

Background Information

The band “Fear of Falling” started out as the Christian rock band “Crown Agent” in the UK touring and trying to get a break. When it came time to record and release an EP, they changed their name to “Fear of Falling” and it is this name they used while playing pubs in London hoping to attract a following. During the recording session for the “Like a Lion” album, the band was visited in studio by Bono and “a couple of colleagues [who] came along to advise and produce.” It has been inferred that it was not just Bono from U2 who was involved in this recording, and it has been suggested The Edge may have contributed to the guitar.

Bono, however, is the only member of U2 recognized on the actual sleeve of this recording. He is noted as producer on one song, “Prodigal” and it appears this is the only song there was U2 involvement with. The song was recorded in studio in London. Bono is listed as “BonoVox” on the back of the picture sleeve. The single was only ever released on 12-inch vinyl on the “Excellent” record label in France. Fear of Fallling never recorded a follow up release.

Liner Notes

Fear of Fallling: Howee Jones, Tina Langley, Chris Eaton, Paul Lane
Prodigal: Produced by BonoVox. Engineer Johnnie Schinas

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