"The World According to Me" - Friday, Gavin

Promotional Release

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Full Track Listing:

  • Down by Memory Lane – Virgin Prunes (3:24)
  • Pagan Love Song – Virgin Prunes (3:26)
  • Clear Off – Gavin Friday and the Fall (4:38)
  • Tenderness of Wolves – Gavin Friday and Coil (4:25)
  • Strict Tempo – Gavin Friday and Dave Ball
  • You Take Away the Sun – Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer (4:08)
  • Falling off the Edge of the World – Gavin Friday and Maria McKee (4:18)
  • Yoga of the Nightclub – Gavin Friday and Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart (4:42)
  • In the Name of the Father (Album Version) – Gavin Friday and Bono (5:43)

Background Information

In 1995, Gavin Friday was releasing his third solo album, “Shag Tobacco”. Gavin is a childhood friend of Bono’s and a collaborator with whom Bono has worked with extensively. Gavin also at one time fronted the Virgin Prunes, another band out of Dublin that was very close with U2. This promotional release featured no new material, but instead is a retrospective look back at Gavin’s body of work in preparation for the release of the new album, “Shag Tobacco”. The songs on this compilation date back as far as 1982, in the form of early tracks recorded while the lead singer of the Virgin Prunes, and also includes collaborations done with The Fall, Coil, Dave Ball and Maria McKee.

Included here is a song that Gavin Friday co-wrote, and performed with Bono, “In the Name of the Father”, from the movie of the same name. Friday also co-produced the track. The version found on this promotional release is the same version that can be found on the soundtrack album for “In the Name of the Father”. A single, and a promotional single, both featuring different mixes of this track were also released.

This promotional compilation was produced by the UK and USA arms of Island Records with similar artwork. It was not released in other regions.

Liner Notes

In the Name of the Father:
From the Original Soundtrack (Island Records, 1994)
Written by Bono / Gavin Friday / Maurice Seezer. Sample “An Ras” by Tommy Hayes licensed courtesy of Mulligan Records and Swing Music.
Performed by Bono and Gavin Friday. Maurice Seezer: Keyboards, programming, distorted accordian, bass, guitar, percussion. Tommy Hayes: Drums, percussion. Dave Clayton: Additional keyboards. Tim Simenon: Additional drums, sample programming. Paul Barrett: Percussion. Produced by Tim Simenon and Gavin Friday. Mixed by Tim Simenon. Recording Engineer: Paul Barrett. Mix Engineer: Q. Programming Engineer: Kerry Hopwood.

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