"You Me and World War Three" - Friday, Gavin


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Full Track Listing:

  • You, Me, and World War III (Tim Simenon – the ‘Big’ Single Remix) (4:33)
  • You, Me, and World War III (The Grid – Armageddon Mix) (7:10)
  • You, Me, and World War III (The Grid – Orbiting Planet Mix) (7:10)
  • Billy Boola (Tim Simenon Movie Mix) (3:44)

Background Information

“Shag Tobacco” was the third solo album by Gavin Friday, a long time friend of Bono and the rest of U2. The album featured a song “Little Black Dress” which had featured Bono and The Edge on backing vocals. “You Me And World War Three” was a single released to promote that album. It did not however contain the song from the album which Bono and The Edge had guested on. Instead it featured an earlier song that Bono and Gavin Friday had recorded for the “In the Name of the Father” soundtrack. That song was “Billy Boola” and is released on this single under the name “Tim Simenon Movie Mix”. This mix is the same mix that is featured on the soundtrack album. It is the same length and there are no audible differences between the two mixes.

The 12” promotional vinyl for this single did not contain “Billy Boola”. The 12” commercial vinyl did however contain the track.

Liner Notes

Billy Boola: Performed by Gavin Friday with Bono. Written by Gavin Friday, Maurice Seezer, and Bono. Produced by Tim Simenon and Gavin Friday. All titles: Blue Mountain Music Ltd.

Also listed as contributing in the soundtrack notes, but not on this single:
Gavin Friday and Bono: Vocals, trumpet solo. Maurice Seezer: Piano, programming, hand claps. Jah Wobble: Bass. Renaud Pion: Baritone sax, bass clarinet, hand claps. Dave Clayton: Organ, keyboards. Tim Simenon: Additional drums, sample programming. Kenji Jammer: Guitar. Produced by Tim Simenon and Gavin Friday. Mixed by Tim Simenon. Recording Engineer: Paul Barrett. Mix Engineer: Q. Programming Engineer: Kerry Hopwood.

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